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Collect the Dot! And Connect the Dot! Dot allows you to collect the places you go every day in the Seattle area, and use them to connect with people you meet. Enter your interests and hobbies, and collect places you go by scanning Dot QR codes at restaurants, stores, and more. Each time you meet someone with Dot and scan their personal QR code, the app will tell you what interests you share in common and what places you’ve both visited. You're also collecting that someone into your inner circle, which is a collection of everyone you've met and scanned. Collect as many friends as you can! Dot also allows you to post photos and share the places you collect to your newsfeed for others to see. This is a fun way to connect with new people, keep up with friends, share commonalities, quickly exchange contacts, and collect your experiences.


Getting Started...

To start you can choose to either have a Personal Dot or a Business Dot. If you selected  a Personal Dot, set up your profile by selecting your preferences in five categories: Food, Hobbies, Music, Sports, and Travel. Choose from an extensive pre-selected list. This list will continue to grow with more users and businesses! Each time you scan a new person, the app will tell you which items you share in common within those categories. If you selected a Business Dot, set up by choosing a category to fall under, so when someone collects your business, it will register with a specific category. Enter your business information and let the marketing ideas take over and start advertising to your new collectors. You’ll be able to see how many people has collected you and create a discount program of your own choosing. 

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Time to Collect !

Next, go out into your community in the Seattle area! Businesses that have Dot will display the QR code near the front of their stores, or you can ask an employee. Some participating stores will give you a discount for scanning their code and allowing you to update it to your newsfeed. This is great marketing for these businesses, so you never know what the incentives and the discounts are! Scan the code to show you’ve visited the business, and it will be entered into your collections. You can choose to post it to your newsfeed, where the business’s Dot page will appear for your friends to see. You will also be able to see which of your other Dot friends have collected this location. 

Collect as many places as you can and show your friends what you love to do in your community! 

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Scan your friends and family to add them into your profile and build your inner circle.



See everything that both of you share in common, from people you know to places you've visited.


Features List


Personal or Business Profile Page

Newsfeed for photos and location sharing

Collection feature to track where you've been

Access your family and friends profile and see their collection

Display of commonalities in five categories with each Dot friend

Add people either in real life by scanning their QR code, or online

What can Dot be used for?

Business Cards

With Dot you can replace carrying around business cards and instead create a separate business profile page and use it at meetings or conferences. Just simply scan someone and exchange business info just like that! Now they will have your name, position, address and phone number. Its up to you what you put into your business profile that you would want to share.


Haven't you gone on a first date and everything seems like it's going great except the conversation is slowing down and then comes the awkward silence. Well with Dot both of you can scan and collect each other's Dot and Dot we show you all your commonalities in five categories and also you friends, family, and businesses you've both have collected. The perfect way to break the ice!


As a business, when someone scans you and collects your Dot, everyone that is friends with that user will be able to see your business profile pop up on the user's newsfeed. This helps you reach hundreds and thousands of people with just one scan from a user.


There are so many ways to turn Dot into something fun! You can use Dot as the new geocaching trend. Print out these Dots and hide them around the city and make it into a fun activity for you and your friends. Or see how many business activity you can collect and try to beat your friends!


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